Our Policy

Here you’ll find all the information you need to know about our policies, from a summary of the benefits to all the finer details.

Our Comprehensive policies include: –

  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Windscreen Cover
  • Audio Cover
  • Free Courtesy Car
  • Travel within the EU for up to 90 days
  • Personal Belongings: Up to a value of £100
  • Handbag Cover: Up to a value of £200

All Policies Include: –

  • Free Drive Smart box
  • Free Theft Tracker

Policy Details

This is where you’ll find all the finer details of what our policies have to offer, simply click on the relevant links below to download the PDF.

Terms and Conditions
Motor Insurance Policy wording
Motor Insurance Product Information Document – Comprehensive
Motor Insurance Product Information Document – Third Party, Fire & Theft
Motor Insurance Claim Form
Motor Legal Expenses Insurance – Policy Wording
Motor Legal Expenses Insurance – Insurance Policy Information Document
RAC Breakdown – Policy Wording
RAC Breakdown – Insurance Policy Information Document
Enhanced Personal Accident – Policy Wording
Enhanced Personal Accident – Insurance Policy Information Document
Key Cover – Policy Wording
Key Cover – Insurance Policy Information Document
Misfuelling – Policy Wording
Misfuelling – Insurance Policy Information Document

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

If you don’t have time to wade through the full policy documents, we’ve put together a few key pointers to questions we often get asked about our policy.

Legal Expenses

The premium we quote includes cover for Legal Expenses but if you don’t feel it’s necessary you are able to remove it.

Breakdown Cover

Breakdown cover isn’t included in the policy itself, but we’ve teamed up with the RAC so that you can purchase cover as an additional product if you require. To find out which level of cover is suitable for you, please click on the links above on this page. (You’ll find them under the ‘Policy details’ heading.)

How do I cancel my policy?

Full details of our cancellation terms are explained under the “Things You Need To Know” page.

Driving Abroad

You’ll be pleased to know that you are covered to travel abroad to the EU but please note that unless you’ve told us in advance of your travel plans cover provided will be restricted to the minimum required in the countries you’re visiting. However, please do get in touch to let us know your travel plans for the EU as we will provide full policy cover for up to 13 weeks free of charge.

If you are travelling outside the EU please drop us an email including the details of which countries you are visiting and your departure and return dates and we may be able to arrange suitable cover for you.

What if my details change?

You should let us know immediately of any changes to your circumstances as filled out in your policy details, such as address, drivers, occupation, licence, claims, convictions or any changes to your vehicle such as mileage, modifications or use. If you are unsure if you need to advise us of the change please contact us by email.

What are the benefits if I opt to protect my No Claims Discount?

If you have no more than two claims in any five year period, you will not lose any of your No Claim Discount. Protection may be available if you have 1 or more years No Claims Discount. An excess of £50 will apply in addition to any other excesses.

Immediate Cover

You’ll be pleased to know that as soon as you have made a successful purchase, cover will be granted immediately. We’ll confirm cover by email followed with a quick telephone call and you should then receive your documents by the end of the following working day.

Why do I need to send copies of all drivers’ licences and my vehicle registration document (V5C)?

As a matter of routine we always collect copies of drivers’ licences and registration document to ensure the information you have given to us is correct and to lessen the incidence of fraudulent activity. By doing so we are able to provide better rates to honest policyholders.