Telematics (also known as black box) insurance

The basic idea of telematics car insurance is that a box is fitted to the vehicle to monitor how it is driven and this information is transmitted to the insurance company. The insurance company then assesses the risk of that vehicle being involved an accident and charges insurance premiums accordingly.

Drive Smart Insurance

Your initial premium will assume you are a good driver and will include a discount to reflect this. Once your Drive Smart box is installed we will start to receive data so that we can monitor how your car is being driven and adjust your premium accordingly.

The parameters used to monitor driving behaviour include: –

• Speed
• Night time driving
• Braking
• Congestion
• Familiarity
• Short trips

We’d like you to monitor your driving behaviour as well so once you’ve purchased your policy you’ll receive details of how to log in to your personal Drive Smart Dashboard. Once your box is installed, you’ll be able to check your progress as often as you like. We’ll update your dashboard on a daily basis. You’ll also be able to use your dashboard to update your contact details as well as to send us any documents we require.

We’ll review your score at the end of the 4th and 8th month and will tell you if any additional or return premium is due, by email. We’ll give you at least 7 days notice of any premium change and will automatically debit or credit the card you used to buy your policy or, if you pay by monthly instalments, we’ll adjust any outstanding monthly payments.

Installing your box

Your box can normally be installed at your home or work address as long it’s in a safe location and parking is available for the engineer. The policyholder doesn’t need to be present as long as there is an adult who can provide the car keys and documents required by the engineer so the box can be installed.

Use of my Telematics Data

Please read this section carefully as it explains how Drive Smart Insurance and Lexis Nexis Group, our telematics partner, will use the information collected by the Drive Smart Telematics box and Drive Smart Smartphone application. By purchasing a Drive Smart Insurance policy, you give your consent to our use of the telematics data.

It is your obligation to show this notice to any driver that is named on your insurance policy or who drives your car. If you sell your car you must make sure that the new owner knows that a telematics device has been installed, and that any journeys made will be tracked if the box is not deactivated by us or removed at your cost.

What data is captured by the Drive Smart Box and Drive Smart Smartphone App?

It is a condition of the policy that you will allow us to install a box (the telematics device), or where provided you will register and use the Smartphone app provided to you. Both the telematics box and Smartphone App allows us to measure your driving style to check that the way your vehicle is being driven is reflected in your premium. We, our service partners and appointed agents will process this information securely.

The telematics app and box captures data from your vehicle and regularly transmits the GPS co-ordinates via an electronic data feed which is then cross-referenced with information including road type, road surface and speed limit of the road you are driving on at any given time. This information allows our telematics partners to profile, how, where and when the vehicle is driven.

How will Drive Smart Insurance use this data?

Drive Smart Insurance will use the telematics data collected to ensure that the premium you are paying is representative of your driving style and the way your vehicle is used. Your information, including the telematics data gathered by the telematics box and Smartphone app, will be used for the following purposes:

• To recalculate your Drive Smart Insurance premium based on your Driving score during the policy term.
• If you make a claim under your policy, to help validate the circumstances of the claim, such as the location, the speed the vehicle was travelling and the time of day.
• To provide you with a theft tracking service (where a telematics box has been installed), or any other service that requires the use of the telematics device that you agree to during the term of your policy.
• To give us insight into driving behaviours, which we will use in our ongoing development of this and other insurance products.

How the Lexis Nexis Group will use your data

The telematics data collected and some of the information provided by you at the point of application, such as age, gender, marital status, the VIN number, make, model and engine size of the car will also be used by the Lexis Nexis Group for research purposes both during the period of insurance and after the policy has ceased.

Any information such as your name, address, and vehicle registration number, will be removed before the Lexis Nexis Group use the information and this will restrict data being directly linked to you. Details of Lexis Nexis Group’s use of this data is detailed below.

You will be given the opportunity to opt-out of Lexis Nexis Group’s continuous use of the Drive Smart box and Smartphone App data when your policy ends by having the box removed (at your own cost) or having the data feed switched off. Unless you tell us otherwise, once your policy with us has ceased, Lexis Nexis Group will continue to use the information for the purposes below.

• Road and vehicle usage including road safety issues, real time traffic flow and volumes, journey times, distances and speeds, and analysis of junctions and the risk they represent;
• Assessing the environmental impact of road and vehicle usage, including analysis of idle time spent at junctions;
• Driving behaviour analysis and profiling including determining what constitutes safe and dangerous driving and the typical behaviours of average age ranges.
• Analysis of the causes of, and forces involved in, crashes and other road incidents
• Establishing and analysing trends amongst the UK population regarding each of the purposes set out above
• Researching and refining techniques for analysing motor vehicle telematics data

We will disclose information collected by the box outside of Lexis Nexis Group in the following circumstances:

• Where you have provided your agreement
• To our agents and subcontractors for operational reasons
• If we are required by law to disclose the information, such as to our regulators or if we are issued with a court order.

Use of your personal information

Drive Smart Insurance may use and analyse your personal information for the following purposes:

• for our online quotation service, to provide you with one or more online quotations based on the details you provide.
• For our online service, to consider your application for, and facilitate your purchase of, a Drive Smart Insurance policy with us.
• to provide you with other services, including managing and administering the insurance policies you take out through us, and providing assistance with your claims and enquiries.
• for the purposes of insurance administration by us, our agents or by our re-insurers and may be disclosed to regulatory bodies for the purposes of monitoring and / or enforcing our compliance with any regulatory requirements.
• to offer you the opportunity to renew a policy or purchase a replacement policy.
• to update our records about you.
• to check your identity to prevent money laundering.
• for the investigation of or prevention of crime.
• to undertake credit searches and fraud searches.
• to enable us to conduct research and statistical analysis and facilitate our internal customer service monitoring.
• to improve the quality of our service and the efficiency of our Website and systems.
• if prior consent has been received, we may market you with other products which we believe may be of interest to you.